Sustainable Growth Advisers

Our Culture

First and foremost, we think of ourselves as an investment practice and not an investment business, focusing on the intensity of research and the quality of our insight and decision-making.

It is easy to speak in exaggerated terms about culture, but we are convinced that a strong culture is positively correlated to performance, and its role in a firm’s longevity is unquestioned.

Culture is the result of a combination of grand design as well as the individual and collective qualities of the people selected as colleagues.

Sustainable Growth Advisers was founded to add value to our clients, our employees and our community.

We are committed to providing meaningful support to local charitable organizations.

SGA is a focused team of people who all interact on a daily basis. We rely on consistency of leadership and our hiring criteria to shape our work ethic, integrity and attitudes.

We spread ownership of the firm broadly among employees and have experienced no turnover at the investment level since our firm's inception.

Our Objectives

Attract the highest quality investors who have the ability to add value for our clients.
Retain an investment team that likes to dig deep into businesses and recognizes that effective investing requires uncovering an interpretational advantage relative to market perception.
Maintain a congenial work environment where patience and a sense of humor coexist with passionate views and forceful opinions.
Operate with an investment mindset that embraces high conviction investing.
Communicate with clients with transparency and complete candor, accurately identifying our strategies, our achievements and our mistakes.